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Sobre este curso

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Have you ever asked yourself what role land plays by facing developments like demographic change, globalization or climate change?

Did you ever consider the connection between poverty and land access or changing land values? If you want to delve more deeply into these complex and fascinating issues, take part in our MOOC course, “Introduction Land Management.”

Land is a scarce and limited resource, which cannot be multiplied. It is a valuable basis for livelihood and for economic or ecological development. Land conflicts occur when people with different interests run up against the declining availability of fertile land. Developing countries in general, and disadvantaged people in society are often the most affected groups. Yet, even industrialized countries face issues with sustainable land policy. As a result, experts in sustainable land management are desperately needed.

In this course, you’ll be introduced to the basics of land management. This MOOC gives you insight into basic functions and tasks of land management. It will help you recognize important land correlations with other fields of interest. You’ll understand contemporary global trends, necessary land related services, and the general process of executing land management interventions.

You learn why, when, and where sustainable land management is most needed and what the potential application fields of land management are. Exciting exercises, learning videos, discussions and literature recommendations accompany you through the course.

No previous knowledge of land management is required.

Lo que aprenderás

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  • The importance of land management and its challenges
  • Key issues and their context in land management
  • General tasks, instruments and processes of land management
  • Examples of land management in practice

Plan de estudios

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Unit 1: What on earth is land?
Introduction to the term “land management,” including a discussion about the meaning of land, actors and their different interests in land use, actual and future land challenges and how land management can address these challenges.
Unit 2: Who owns the land I live on and the house I live in?
Explanation of some key definitions and concepts of land management (e.g. land tenure, land administration and land transaction) and the importance and functionality of land and property data.
Unit 3: What is my land worth?
Introduction to the meaning of land value for individuals and government, how land values arise and how values can change depending on different land related factors.
Unit 4: How can I manage my land?
Focuses on the general approach of land use and land use changes in urban and rural areas, on the general process of land use planning as well as on key instruments and stakeholder involvement that accompany the land use planning process.
Unit 5: Is my land your land?
Discussion of key-tasks of land policy and how they can influence the land situation and change land attributes actively.
Unit 6: Land management – to what end?
Examples of actual application fields and tasks of land management.

Conoce a tus instructores

Walter Timo de Vries
Professor and Head of the Chair of Land Management
Technische Universität München
Anna Schopf
Scientific Researcher at the Chair of Land Management
Technische Universität München
Uchendu Eugene Chigbu
Scientific Researcher and Lecturer at Chair of Land Management
Technische Universität München
Florian Siegert
Former Managing Director at the Chair of Land Management
Technical University of Munich

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Testimonios de los estudiantes

"I had no prior knowledge of land management, especially about land registration but this course broadened my knowledge and heightened my desire to pursue it further. I will recommend it to anyone who is interested in understanding the field of land management" --Previous student

"As an urban planner, I was interested in finding out how good land management practices can help reduce urban sprawl. This was highlighted in the course, thus I will strongly recommend the course to everyone"
--Previous student