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Agriculture Courses

Take free online agriculture courses to understand the causes and impact of farming. Learn about agriculture and study the effects of farming on the earth today.

What Is The Future Of Agriculture?

Humankind has relied on agriculture for thousands of years, but with climate change and food security as top priorities with societies, it's more important than ever to learn how the food system is changing. We can't go back to a time before agribusiness or climate change, but understanding the role of technology and scientific advancement within the agricultural system could help us move forward to a new world of food security.

Learn 21st Century Agriculture

Food safety is a huge concern with the earth going through massive changes because of climate change and natural disaster. The food systems countries relied on have shifted as natural resources change, and the mistakes we made in 20th-century mass farming are catching up. Pest control has to change. Specialty crops are failing. Agricultural products have moved to AI to combat Mother Nature's unpredictability. The challenge for the agricultural sector is moving forward despite these obstacles.

Agriculture Courses and Certifications has a wide range of courses and certifications to help you navigate the challenges and changes in agriculture. SDGAcademy offers a course on Feeding A Hungry Planet where you'll learn about food security and human health, plus making agriculture more sustainable moving forward. Wageningen University offers a certification program in Sustainable and Inclusive Landscapes, teaching you about the green revolution and moving beyond the industrial agriculture that has dominated the last hundred years. It considers food security and animal health, plus the financial, leadership, and governance principles behind changing our world agriculture. Other courses touch on sustainable technology, cooperatives and producer communities, the science and politics of GMOs, food security, sustainable development, and environmental science. Each course is designed to help you understand the role of agriculture in the era of climate change and the fourth industrial revolution.

Explore a Career in Agriculture

Agriculture isn't just becoming a farmer. It involves an intimate understanding of food systems, natural resources, and the future of governing organizations such as the Department of Agriculture and the FDA in the United States as well as new organizations arising from developing countries such as Pakistan. The skills you gain from the courses at give you a handle on the future of our food systems and how humans must pivot to preserve food security and encourage our green revolution. Climate Change may alter how we feed the world, but new agricultural products and initiatives could lead us to new breakthroughs in the world of our food and environment.