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Data analysis courses

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Data Science

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Data Science Fundamentals

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Python Data Science

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Data Science

MicroMasters® Program
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Data analysis is the process of extracting information from data. It involves multiple stages including establishing a data set, preparing the data for processing, applying models, identifying key findings and creating reports. The goal of data analysis is to find actionable insights that can inform decision making. Data analysis can involve data mining, descriptive and predictive analysis, statistical analysis, business analytics and big data analytics. Now that you know the answer to 'What is Data Analysis?', choose your course and start analyzing data!

Data analysis certifications and courses are available on edX from major universities and institutions including Microsoft, MIT, Columbia and the University of Adelaide. Start by learning key data analysis tools such as Microsoft Excel, Python, SQL and R. Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet program and is excellent for data analysis and visualization. Enroll in one of the free Excel courses and learn how to use this powerful software.

Python is a popular programming language for data analysis and courses exist from multiple top schools to introduce you to the language and teach you how to apply it. Take Introduction to Python for Data Science from Microsoft or Using Python for Research from Harvard. Both are self-paced, free online courses that can get you up and running.

Go further in the area of specialization of your choice. Apply your new data analysis skills to business analytics, big data analytics, bioinformatics, statistics and more. Advanced courses will take you through real-world analytics problems so that you can try various data analysis methods and techniques and learn more about quantitative and qualitative data analysis processes.

The functions of the data analyst are essential at almost every type of business or organization. The reports and key findings drive decision making and help companies stay on top of business operations, product development, competitors, strategy and much more. The broad application of the data analysis role means high demand for experts in almost every job market. A recent search on listed over 7,000 open job positions for data analysts in the United States. estimates the average salary at $70,106 per year with a high of $152,000. There is no question that the data analyst enjoys job security, a competitive salary and a host of options in terms of locations and companies.

If you like mathematics, computer science, statistics and love research and discover, then a career in the field of data analysis may be perfect for you. Take an introductory course in Excel or Python for data analysis and learn more about the in-demand world of data analytics. Many courses are free and self-paced so you can enroll and start learning today.


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