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Learn about the differences between MBA online programs and find the one that will help you transform into a skilled, confident business leader.

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Why earn an online master's degree in business administration?

Flexible advancement

Develop career-focused skills, and make valuable connections while learning remotely.

Global connections

Expand your professional network to include peers from around the world.

Tailored career support

Utilize career services, which include one-on-one coaching and industry job boards.

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Online MBA degrees

Is an online MBA worth it?

To determine the value of an MBA, whether it’s delivered online or in person, you need to consider what’s important to you in a program, and decide whether a business school meets those needs.

Think about why you want to get your degree in the first place. To evaluate whether an online master’s in business administration program will give you sufficient return on your investment (ROI), ask yourself:

  • Does it matter where I get my MBA? Do I need the prestige and ranking of a top MBA program?

  • How do I learn best? Does the program offer live online classes taught by experienced faculty?

  • How important is it for an online MBA program to expand my professional network and opportunities?

  • Do I need career services? Will the MBA program help advance my business administration career?

edX offers business administration degree programs online in partnership with leading universities. In all of the online MBA programs, university faculty teach live online classes that are kept small to encourage discussion and debate. These programs are designed for working professionals and can accommodate a variety of schedules.

Find the best online MBA program for your career

A Master of Business Administration is a highly versatile degree that prepares graduates to excel as leaders in organizations across all industries. Many MBA graduates pursue private sector careers in fields such as finance, marketing, and management, while others apply their organizational leadership skills in the public and nonprofit sectors.

At edX, learners come first. Keep your personal needs and career goals front of mind when choosing the right online MBA program for you. A program’s overall potential career benefits depend on a number of factors, including faculty expertise, real-world practice, school/life balance, networking opportunities, and the relevance of the curriculum to your interests.

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What are the highest paying MBA jobs?

A fulfilling, sustainable career requires more than a high salary, but the financial ROI of an MBA program is still important. The highest paying jobs held by some MBA graduates tend to be in the private sector, and your location also plays a role in earning potential — wages are often higher in large cities.

Below are some traditional business administration jobs that tend to draw higher-than-average salaries, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2022 data:

  • Financial manager: Median annual wage $139,790¹

  • Chief executive: Median annual wage $189,520²

  • Marketing manager: Median annual wage $140,040³

  • Human resources manager: Median annual wage $130,000

Keep in mind that certain careers will require additional training or experience, and earning your MBA does not guarantee you a job. However, the best online MBA programs can provide you with the skills, experience, connections, and perspective to take the next step in your career.

What you’ll learn in an online MBA curriculum

Online MBA programs will equip you with crucial leadership competencies and an understanding of the fundamental operations that take place in every organization. The types of courses and number of required credits vary by school, but in general, you’ll develop a foundation in the following areas:

  • Accounting

  • Business analytics

  • Operations management

  • People management and leadership

  • Finance

  • Marketing

  • Business strategy and innovation

Electives can provide an opportunity to customize your program to match your professional interests. Some residential and online MBA programs also offer specializations, concentrations, or focus areas as alternatives to picking individual electives.

MBA concentrations and specializations

It’s important to consider your career goals when researching the concentrations or focus areas available in an online MBA program. Electives and specializations give you the flexibility to make an online MBA program your own.

Below are some of the concentrations and focus areas offered in online business master's programs:

  • Finance, investment management

  • Marketing

  • Strategy, consulting

  • Business analytics

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Industry-specific areas such as healthcare or energy

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Admission requirements for online MBA degrees

Each business school has different requirements and steps in the online MBA application process, so you should speak with the dedicated admissions team for any program you’re interested in.

One aspect of the master’s in business administration online application that many applicants dread is standardized test scores, such as the GMAT or GRE. Over the last few years, some universities have questioned the necessity of submitting these test scores. While many universities still require these scores as proof of your quantitative abilities, others no longer request them or offer GMAT/GRE waivers if you have prior professional work experience.

In general, online MBA programs will ask you to submit the following items to apply:

  • The online application: The initial application may look different by school and program.

  • Transcripts: You’ll need to send transcripts from any educational institutions you’ve attended. All edX master’s programs require a bachelor’s degree. One option would be a bachelor of business administration.

  • Professional work history: This may be requested in conjunction with your résumé or CV.

  • Letters of recommendation: The number of letters you’ll need varies by school.

  • Essay or personal statement: Here you’ll often be asked to explain your experience and goals as well as why you’re applying to a particular program.

Additional items may be required for international students, such as English language testing if your native language is not English.

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How to be successful in your online MBA

Earning an MBA is a lot of work. And it should be — it’s an investment in your career and your future.

Online MBA students and alumni that have enrolled or completed an edX program have often shared that what you get out of a graduate business program largely depends on what you put into it. To succeed during the program and after you graduate, you’ll need to commit to the experience, carve out time in your schedule, and take advantage of the resources a program offers.

Below are some suggestions for making the most of your online MBA program outside of class:

Schedule time with career services

All edX online MBA programs offer career services with tailored guidance for your goals. Career specialists may provide one-on-one coaching, job boards, and access to professional connections in your industry.

Network and build relationships

Enrolling in a business school gives you access to a whole new network. Take advantage by getting to know your classmates, professors, staff members, alumni, and industry leaders through networking events. Alumni of edX’s online MBA programs often share stories of how the relationships they formed during the program continue to positively influence their careers long after graduation. 

Participate in student clubs and organizations

An online MBA program gives you access to professionals you may never otherwise have met. By joining student clubs or organizations (often offered virtually), you can meet peers with similar interests, who may be able to connect you with other professionals in the industry.

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Frequently asked questions

In a business administration degree program, you will learn about common business functions. Some examples include accounting, marketing, operations, finance, budgeting, product pricing, management, and human resources. MBA programs also help you develop your soft skills, such as communication and leadership. A strong foundation in these areas empowers you with the big-picture thinking to effectively navigate a complex business landscape.

Many hiring managers care more about the quality of the education than the learning modality. If you choose an online MBA program from a university with a good reputation, expert faculty, and coursework that’s relevant to your career, you’ll be able to apply your skills at work and show employers the significant benefits of your program. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all MBA. Your lifestyle needs and career goals should guide how you select the right online MBA program for you. You may consider factors such as faculty expertise, real-world practice, school/life balance, networking opportunities, and the relevance of the curriculum to your interests. You can also look at data such as a school’s graduation rates, job placement rates, and career outcomes.

A Master of Business Administration is a graduate degree that most consider the terminal degree in the business administration field. Advancing your education is an investment in your career and your future, so it makes sense that it will require you to commit a significant amount of time and energy. However, there are certainly ways to be intentional with your time to better manage your priorities. Additionally, all edX online MBA programs offer comprehensive support services, so you should never feel like you’re doing it all on your own.

The length of an MBA program depends on many factors, including the number of required credits and whether you attend full time or part time. Most of edX’s online MBA programs provide the flexibility to adjust your course load, allowing you to take more or fewer courses per semester to earn your degree in a time frame that works with your schedule.

The total tuition cost of an online MBA program can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including business school rankings and whether it’s a public or private institution. Students can pursue one or more avenues of financial assistance, such as scholarships, grants, federal financial aid, loans, and employer sponsorship. Military service members and veterans may also be eligible for VA loans and benefits.

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