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What is information technology?

Information technology (IT) refers to the use of computer technology to manage and access information.Footnote 1 The information technology field encompasses all computer software, hardware, and related devices employed in the processing, transfer, storage, and dissemination of data — whether it is on a computer, smartphone, TV, or another medium. There are a number of IT careers and areas of study that fall within information technology, including database development, computer networking, software engineering, data analysis, and more. Online information technology courses can help prepare individuals for jobs in information technology. Read on to learn more about online IT classes and how to pursue a career in information technology.

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Online IT course curriculum

There are numerous online information technology courses available, many of which are self-paced. Online IT training ranges from IT certification courses that can be completed within a few weeks to full online information technology degree programs. 

Those looking to get started in the field or switch careers may take introductory online IT tutorials to learn the fundamentals of information systems and their applications, including office data management systems, desktop operating systems, and web technologies. Individuals with IT experience who are looking to refine their skills may seek out advanced courses in IT hardware, software development, programming, and/or the social implications of IT. 

Online information technology degrees and courses can prime you to pursue an information technology degree. Undergraduate program areas of study such as information systems, computer science, software or computer engineering, or cybersecurity can be useful to those working toward jobs in information technology. Master’s degrees in areas of study such as information technology management or business administration may help professionals advance their IT careers and obtain roles in information technology management.

Discover IT careers

There is a wide range of information technology jobs available. Computing and IT careers include information research scientist, programmer, computer systems analyst, database and computer systems administrator, information security analyst, computer network architect, web developer, and information technology manager. Footnote 2 Many jobs in information technology require at least a bachelor’s degree, and online IT courses may help individuals pursuing IT careers to supplement an existing degree.

How to become an IT manager

Many IT managers hold at least a bachelor's degree in computer or data science or a related field and have worked in the field for a few years.Footnote 3 After completing a boot camp or an undergraduate program, many IT professionals find entry-level work in support roles or other positions to gain experience before moving into a management role. Work experience to become an IT manager may range from a few years to more than a decade, depending on the organization and the role. 

Many IT managers also hold a master’s degree. Graduate degrees, such as an online master's in data science or engineering, are common for professionals pursuing IT management. In addition to completing a graduate program, earning an IT certification may be beneficial.

Some of the abilities that IT managers possess include analytical, leadership, communication, organizational, and technical computer skills, and project and conflict management.Footnote 4 IT professionals can work to further develop these as they advance in their careers.

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