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How to be an active bystander in a post #MeToo world

Learn what you can do to address sexual harassment and violence – in the workplace, at home, and in wider social relations.

How to be an active bystander in a post #MeToo world

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In 2017, an international movement gained momentum highlighting the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and violence. Millions worldwide used #MeToo, #TimesUp, #BalanceTonPorc, #NotYourHabibti, #Teknisktfel, #QuellaVoltaChe, #YoTambien and similar hashtags not just to bring collective attention to these issues, but to push for changes that would bring an end to sexual violence and discrimination in all their forms by breaking the silence and promoting social change.

But how do we bring about this change? What can we do as individuals, in our work environment, at home, and in our wider social relations?

Join a range of international faculty, practitioners, survivors, and a global community of learners to master an active bystander approach to preventing and responding to sexual harassment and violence.

Learners will acquire the tools to act, including a practical how-to guide, and will gain applied insights through a wide range of real-world examples to help you think and respond in the workplace and other settings.

This course draws from a range of disciplines including social psychology, sociology, law, business studies, and public policy to explore the evidence about what works and what you can do.

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What you will learn:

  • Why the #MeToo movement and associated movements rose to prominence
  • About gender-based violence, discrimination, and sexual harassment around the world
  • The role of culture, alongside institutions, in driving poor behaviour and violence
  • The role of individuals and groups in addressing sexual harassment and violence
  • What options there are to be active bystanders in preventing sexual harassment and violence
  • What to do when you see poor behaviour in the workplace, at home or elsewhere
  • How to stay safe as an active bystander.

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