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TsinghuaX: Japanese Culture and Language (II) | 日语与日本文化(2)

Do you have interests in the Japanese life styles and their national cultures? Do you have the ambition to grasp some basic Japanese quickly? Then this is the course for you.

Do you want to know the details of Japanese life and national culture? Do you want to quickly master the basics of Japanese? Welcome to this course.

Japanese Culture and Language (II) | 日语与日本文化(2)
10 semanas
3–5 horas por semana
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In modern history of the development of China, Japan more than any country in the world, has made the largest influence on China. It cannot be underestimated that, the influence from Japan on China’s teenagers covers from their character formations, cultural identities, and even values. So observing the Japanese social life could help us looking back to ourselves. Re-understanding Japan and Japanese, can help Chinese distinguishing the most fundamental contradiction between China and Japan, which is the differences in "insular" and "mainland farming nation". It is more important to understand a national culture than to master its language. In this course, the introduction and analysis of Japanese culture and daily social lives are rubbed into more than ever.

In the process of the development of China's modern history, Japan has become the country that has the greatest influence on China more than any other country in the world. The influence of Japanese culture on the character formation of Chinese teenagers and even on the shaping of cultural identity and values ​​cannot be underestimated. Learn from Japanese social life phenomena and reflect on Chinese society. Re-recognize Japan and the Japanese, and see clearly from the various contradictory phenomena in the modern exchanges between China and Japan the most fundamental differences between "the roots of an island country" and the "mainland farming nation". To understand, communicate or recognize a country, mastering the culture of the country or nation is even more important than simply mastering the language of the country. In the process of learning basic Japanese language, more cultural phenomena in Japanese social life are introduced and analyzed than in previous classroom teaching.

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  • Idioma: 中文
  • Transcripciones de video: 日本語, 中文

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● Understand the basic Japanese culture by observing daily life
● Master basic Japanese and elementary communication skills

● Through people's daily life, see and understand the basic characteristics of Japanese culture;
● Master the basic knowledge of Japanese and primary communicative skills.

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