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Japanese Courses

Learn Japanese as a new language from our free online courses. Learn Japanese alphabet, grammar, words, vocabulary, basic conversations and more as your next foreign language.

Learn Japanese Language

For those who have an interest in the Japanese language and culture, learn Japanese from multiple courses and programs for both beginners and above. You can take Waseda University's Steps in Japanese for Beginners or Tsinghua University's Japanese Culture and Language where you will learn introduction to Japanese language, basic conversational, vocabulary, and grammar skills, and even about Japanese culture.

Why Learn the Japanese Language?

Learning Japanese has more benefits than just opening up the option to travel. Learning a second language could help keep dementia at bay and improve the effects of mental aging. On the business side, Japan is a leader in the tech industry. Whether it’s physical benefits or a jumpstart to your career, learning Japanese is worth it. The writing system is complex, and Japanese grammar can be unusual for English speakers, but the pay off is extraordinary in expanding your language skills. Tokyo is a world leader in industry, education, and food. If you take the time to learn a new communication skill, it opens up travel or business relationships. Learning the written language could be extremely beneficial for those of you in international business or research. Japanese has several systems of writing, including Katakana, Hiragana, and Kanji. It's been influenced by Chinese characters, but it has a different language family. It shows some similarities with Altaic Languages but belongs officially to the Austronesian language family. Japanese speakers have influenced world culture for generations, and the language has also had effects on certain parts of the United States. Now is a great time to begin learning this interesting language.

Learn Japanese for Beginners Course Overview

edX provides multiple courses and lessons for beginners in Japanese language learning. For instance, Waseda University's Steps in Japanese for Beginners is a program that teaches you the fundamentals and basics to learn Japanese. You will learn Introduction to Japanese language (characters, pronunciation, etc.), basic conversational skills (greetings, favorite foods, ordering, etc.), basic vocabulary and grammar needed for basic conversation skills, and much more.

Japanese Lessons, Courses and Certifications

If Japanese learning is part of your goals, can help you achieve language proficiency in partnership with leading institutions in the field. Tsinghua University offers a course series in Japanese language and culture. You'll learn Japanese sentence structure , Japanese phrases, and Japanese verbs in addition to critical aspects of culture. You can also take Japanese pronunciation courses with Waseda. You can learn to pronounce the way native speakers do while gaining an understanding of formal situations and Japanese uses of different words. Soon you will sound like a native Japanese speaker at an intermediate level. If you want to go beyond language uses, you can learn about modern Japanese culture, the Japanese writing system, and how Japan has influenced and been influenced by other cultures. Culture can be an essential part of learning these major languages so you can increase the chances you remember what you've learned.

Make Japanese Part of Your Life

Language learners help bring the world closer together with common and new words. Building skills with Japanese language courses helps you with your career and could improve your life. Maybe you're looking for help with understanding anime, translate Japanese to English, English to Japanese, or something for your career. Regardless, Japanese can be a great asset for you. The origins of the Japanese language is ancient, but it has modern influence in many fields. Don't let the word order intimidate you. Japanese is a wonderful language to learn for work or fun. Anyone can learn a language with the right resources, and edX can help get you on your way.