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UQx: Academic English: How to Write an Essay

A practical and introductory course to build your skills in academic writing.

10 semanas
2–3 horas por semana
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ACE101x is a practical, completely online introductory course for those at university or planning to attend university. This course focuses on the processes involved in planning for, producing and self-reviewing a piece of academic writing. Particular attention is given to argumentative research essays, which are the most common form of academic writing required of students at university level.

This course examines the overall structure of an argumentative essay, considering a general framework that can be used for any topic. Practical advice is provided about how to brainstorm, locate information online and evaluate the quality of potential sources of information.

Learners will also be guided on how to use appropriate stance and voice in academic writing, how to ensure that the language and tone that is used is suitable to the context, and how to acknowledge the work of others through correct use of academic referencing. The final section of this course considers the process of revising and editing a written assessment piece, as well as recognizing a range of genres commonly used across the university. Practical tips and suggestions are provided to help with identifying features such as consistency, structure, paragraphing and formatting, as well as highlighting errors commonly made by students when writing.


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  • Idioma: English
  • Transcripción de video: English
  • Habilidades asociadas:Editing, Research, Planning, Academic Writing

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At the end of the course, it is expected that you will be able to:

  • Describe the general structure of an argumentative essay
  • Locate, organise and analyse information in order to plan for a written assignment
  • Communicate ideas and arguments clearly and fluently in written form
  • Use appropriate academic conventions when writing, including the use of specific genre features, academic stance and voice, formal tone, and acknowledgement of academic sources through APA referencing conventions
  • Review written assessment in order to identify areas for improvement.

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