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Learn professional writing with online courses and programs

Clear and concise writing can make an important difference in whether a message is received. Learn professional skills writing with online courses delivered through edX.

What is professional writing?

Professional writing is a broad term that encompasses a variety of writing skills that are used in the workplace. These skills are critical in nearly every role because communicating can be vital to outcomes. Whether you’re using business writing for your company, helping tech experts through technical writing, sharing patient symptoms with a specialist, or furthering research with academic writing, professional writing skills can help you effectively deliver messages and information.

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Professional writing course curriculum 

There are many different online courses available to help learners acquire professional writing skills.

Foundational courses in professional writing may cover topics such as grammar, punctuation, and style. These courses can provide learners with the basic skills they need to write clearly and effectively. Some foundational courses may also cover topics such as research, documentation, and ethics.

Intermediate courses in professional writing may explore more specialized topics, such as business writing, technical writing, and creative writing. These courses can help learners develop the skills they need to write effectively in specific contexts. Some intermediate courses may also include topics such as persuasive writing, grant writing, and proposal writing.

Whether you are looking to expand your professional writing skills or gain expertise in another discipline, edX offers online courses that allow learners to study a variety of topics. ‌Sign up for an accelerated boot camp or enroll in a full degree program and start working toward a bachelor's degree or (or more advanced learners) a master’s degree in a relevant subject. You can also explore executive education programs specifically designed for busy professionals.

Professional writing jobs

Professional writing is a valuable skill that can open up a range of career opportunities. In today's digital age, businesses and organizations of all sizes need communicators on their teams who can: 

  • Write clearly and concisely.

  • Use correct grammar and punctuation.

  • Write for specific audiences.

  • Organize thoughts effectively.

  • Use evidence to support claims.

Roles in which writing skills are especially important include: 

  • Authors write and create literary works such as books, novels, short stories, poems, or plays, using their imagination and language skills to express ideas, entertain, inform, or provoke thought in readers.

  • Copywriters create persuasive and engaging content for advertising and marketing purposes. They write promotional materials such as advertisements, website copy, social media posts, product descriptions, and sales emails.

  • Content writers produce informative and engaging articles, blog posts, and website content. They may write on a wide range of topics for different industries, including news websites, online publications, and businesses looking to establish their online presence.

  • Technical writers specialize in creating clear and concise documentation and instructional materials for technical subjects. They write user manuals, guides, tutorials, and other technical documentation, often in fields such as software, engineering, or healthcare.

  • Grant writers prepare compelling proposals to secure funding from grants and other funding sources. They research grant opportunities, gather relevant information, and write grant proposals that effectively communicate the goals, objectives, and impact of a project or organization.

  • Journalists research, investigate, and report news stories for print, online, or broadcast media outlets. They conduct interviews, gather information, and write news articles that inform the public about current events, politics, business, sports, or other topics.

  • Editors review and revise written content for clarity, coherence, grammar, and style. They work on various types of materials, including books, articles, reports, and marketing collateral, to ensure accuracy and readability.

  • Social media managers create and manage content for social media platforms. They write engaging captions, posts, and updates that align with the brand's voice and engage the target audience.

  • Scriptwriters write scripts for various mediums, including film, television, theater, and radio. They develop compelling narratives, dialogues, and storylines that bring characters and stories to life.

  • Public relations experts craft press releases, media kits, speeches, and other communication materials for organizations or individuals to manage their public image and enhance their reputation.

Whether you aspire to be a novelist whose works connect with readers around the world or you are a business manager with higher ambitions, professional writing skills can help you deliver your message with flair. Start building your writing skills with edX.  

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