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Agustín Da Fieno Delucchi

Instructor at University of Washington

Areas of expertise

  • Internationalization

About Me

Agustín Da Fieno Delucchi has been working in the computer industry since 1992, focusing primarily on developing a wide range of enterprise solutions. Originally from Peru, he’s been involved in different areas of international software development since 1998, when he moved to Dublin, Ireland. Da Fieno Delucchi has been with Microsoft for 20-plus years, during which time he’s a wide range of internationalization roles as terminologist, language specialist, translator, localization engineer, program manager, localization architect, as well as geopolitical risk manager. He has a strong passion for data development and analysis and is currently focusing on global readiness requirements for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Courses and Programs taught by Agustín Da Fieno Delucchi


Internationalization and Localization

Professional Certificate
3 courses