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Amin Ardeshirdavani

Bioinformatician at KU Leuven University

About Me

Amin Ardeshirdavani is a Bioinformatician with the software engineering background. Amin was born in Shiraz, Iran on 28th August 1979. He graduated from one of the oldest high schools in Iran, Saadat high school, in Bushehr. Immediately after high school (1997) he started his career. Because of his high interest in computers, he was hired at the IT department of one of the biggest car factories in Iran, Iran Khodro Diesel (IKD), as a network and system administrator. Two years later he decided to get an academic degree, passed the university entrance exam and started the bachelor of software engineering at the university of Sadra, Tehran. After finishing his BS, he moved to another company, Zamyad, as a professional programmer. He developed several software packages there. In 2009 he has informed about a new major, Bioinformatics. In 2009, Amin moved to Belgium and started Master of bioinformatics at the KU Leuven. Two years later he got his master’s degree under the supervision of professor marc De Maeyer and professor Arnout Voet at the department of Biochemistry, Molecular, and Structural Biology. Right after the master he became a Ph.D. student under the supervision of professor Yves Moreau at the Department of Electrical Engineering, division STADIUS. Analysing data generated by Next Generation Sequencing machines became his specialty. His knowledge in programming and designing databases with complex data structures helped him to become a successful Ph.D. student. The main focus of his project was to design and develop a data structure that supports the genomics data sharing. Currently, he works as a research associate in the same lab. NGS-Logistics, Galahad, Endeavour, and HiVA are the tools he has developed.

Courses and Programs taught by Amin Ardeshirdavani