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Anne Deslattes Mays

Mathematician, Software Engineer and Computational Biologist at Celera

About Me

Anne Deslattes Mays is a mathematician, software engineer and computational biologist currently working in the field of applied systems biology. Working for Craig Venter at Celera, her Software Systems team together with the Informatics Research team led by Gene Myers, and the Sequencing team led by Mark Adams, sequenced, assembled, mapped and annotated the Celera Genome in the private effort that together with the Human Genome Project completed the sequencing of the human genome. Anne also works with data generated from 2nd and 3rd generation sequencing machines, focusing primarily on RNA-Seq data and seeks to discover full-length transcripts and create predictive models capable of determining causality in an organisms' response to ever changing environmental and evolutionary pressures. Anne received her BSc in Mathematics from McGill University, MSc in Computer Science from The Johns Hopkins University, and a Masters in Tumor Biology from Georgetown University.

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