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Ben Busby

Genomics Outreach Coordinator at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at

About Me

As the Genomic Outreach Coordinator at NCBI, Dr. Busby is responsible for genomics education, product management and normalization across large datasets. In these capacities, he frequently gives talks at major academic institutions, arranges online educational experiences and in-person hackathons, collects use cases and develop personas for users of NCBI genomics resources, manages user centered software design, and develop tools for normalization of RNAseq and other genomic data types. As the Chair of the Bioinformatics Department at FAES, Dr. Busby has worked with over 300 students, both in group settings and individually. He guides individual students to establish projects working on computational aspects of their individual research interests, spanning a diverse spectrum of topics, with an emphasis on high-throughput data analysis. Dr. Busby’s research at NCBI was primarily focused on algorithm development for answering large-scale biological questions. In addition to his own biological research, he collaborated with several other researchers, and develop new projects based on novel algorithmic methods.

Courses and Programs taught by Ben Busby