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Björn Rettig

VP, Global Content & Technology at PayPal

About Me

Bjorn Rettig works for PayPal as the VP, Global Content & Technology. Previously he worked at Microsoft where he was the Senior Director of the School of Applied Technology at Microsoft, the instructor of Developing International Software at the Harvard University Extension school. Bjorn is a husband, a father of two young ladies (both excited about STEM), proud geek, and a Master Woodworker. Bjorn loves to travel, to cook, and has the goal to visit all the top 50 restaurants of the world.

Bjorn was born and raised in Germany. He moved to the USA in 1992. His first role at Microsoft was working on the German version of Windows NT. He stayed in the Windows International team for 15 years in different roles, before taking on different engineering roles within Microsoft. He's the inventor of the multilingual user interface, the language interface packs, and holds six other software patents.

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