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Bugao Wang

Professor, Department of Chinese at Southeast University

About Me

Bugao Wang was born in 1947 in Jiangsu Yangzhou. In 1969, he graduated from Nanjing University and got his bachelor degree in German Languages. In 1984, he got his master’s degree from Jilin University with a major in Chinese Tang and Song literature. He has worked as an editor in Jiangsu ancient books publishing house. During the work, he was admitted to Nanjing Normal University in Lexicology doctorate, under the tutelage of professor Guizhang Tang. In 1991, he was appointed to Southeast University as an associate professor, professor, vice president and director of the Academic Committee. He now is a professor at the Department of Chinese at Southeast University and a visiting professor at Tsinghua University. Areas of Expertise
He engages in classical poetry research and teaching, with poetics, philosophy, literature and art aesthetics as major study. The series of textbooks “College Chinese”, which is edited by professor Wang, have been adopted as national textbooks and won the second prize of the national excellent textbook in 2002. The “College Chinese” course of Southeast University lectured by him is named as the National Quality Course in 2004, and wins the second prize of National Teaching Achievement in 2005. He now is the vice president of the National Chinese Language Research Association and enjoys special allowance from the State Council.

Courses and Programs taught by Bugao Wang