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Corinne Vandermeulen

Professor at KU Leuven University

About Me

Professor Corinne Vandermeulen obtained her medical degree in Leuven, Belgium where she also obtained her PhD studying the epidemiological and immunological issues regarding long-term protection following MMR immunization.

She worked at the Center for Youth Health Care (KU Leuven) for sixteen years after which she moved to the Center for Clinical Pharmacology to combine the work of early phase drug clinical trials (phase I) with vaccine research. Since 2013 she is the head of the Leuven University Vaccinology Center (KU Leuven - LUVAC).

As of October 2018 she returned to the Youth Health Care (Environment and health, KU Leuven) where she will continue her vaccine work.

Corinne Vandermeulen research interests’ lie predominantly in the epidemiological and immunological evaluation of vaccine-preventable infectious diseases and development and evaluation of vaccines in general.

She has led over 50 vaccine clinical trials as principal and sub-investigator involving different age groups (from the very young to the more silver population), different types of vaccines and different pathogens.

Since 2013, Corinne Vandermeulen is a member of the Belgian National Immunization Technical Advisory Group which is responsible for the Belgian vaccine recommendations.

Courses and Programs taught by Corinne Vandermeulen