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Dan Myers

Professor of Sociology at University of Notre Dame

Areas of expertise

  • Collective Behavior
  • Social Movements
  • Protest
  • Rioting
  • Mathematical models of the diffusion of social behaviors

Major works

Myers, Daniel J. 2010. "Violent Protest and Heterogeneous Diffusion Processes: The Spread of U.S. Racial Rioting from 1964 to 1971." Mobilization 15(3): 289-321. Myers, Daniel J. and Beth Schaefer Caniglia. 2004. "All the Rioting That’s Fit to Print: Selection Effects in National Newspaper Coverage of Civil Disorders, 1968-1969." American Sociological Review 69(4): 519-543. Myers, Daniel J. 2000. "The Diffusion of Collective Violence: Infectiousness, Susceptibility, and Mass Media Networks." American Journal of Sociology 106(1): 173-208. Reger, Jo, Daniel J. Myers, and Rachel Einwohner (eds.). 2008. Identity Work in Social Movements. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. 317 pp. Delamater, John D., Daniel J. Myers, and Jessica Collett. 2015. Social Psychology, 8th edition. Westview Press. 715 pp.

About Me

Dan Myers is a Professor of Sociology in the University of Notre Dame. Myers earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s in higher education and student affairs from Ohio State University before completing a master’s and doctorate in sociology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.
He is a well-known expert in the study of collective behavior and social movements, having published several books and numerous scholarly articles dealing with protest, rioting, and mathematical models of the diffusion of social behaviors. His current project, which was launched with a grant from the National Science Foundation, reexamines racial unrest in the United States from 1960–1975. In 2006, he founded Notre Dame’s Center for the Study of Social Movements. Myers is a popular and innovative teacher who has won numerous teaching awards at the University of Notre Dame.

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