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Daniel Pérez

PhD student, Plasma Physics at UC3M

Areas of expertise

  • Electric propulsion

About Me

Daniel Pérez graduated in Aerospace Engineering with a specialty in Propulsion Systems at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in early 2010; he completed his Master´s Thesis at TU Delft working on characterization of Cold Gas Thrusters for Nano-Satellites. He went on to work at various renowned companies such as MOOG, Airbus Military and Rolls-Royce; carrying out different roles in projects such as ESA´s ATV, the Airbus A-400M and leading the Emerging Technologies department at Rolls-Royce. He is currently a PhD student on “Plasma Physics” at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; his research area is Magnetic Topologies in Hall Effect Thrusters and other Electric Space Propulsion Systems.

As a Propulsion Specialist, he will be developing content for the course in relation to propulsion topics; also, as a long time science-fiction fan, he will bring additional content and discussions on the science and feasibility behind some of the more extravagant concepts proposed in the conquest of Space!

Courses and Programs taught by Daniel Pérez