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David Reutens

Director, Centre for Advanced Imaging at The University of Queensland

About Me

Professor David Reutens is the inaugural director of the Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI) and Foundation Professor of Experimental Neurology at The University of Queensland. Prior to this he was the Professor of Neuroscience at Monash University and Director of Neurology at Southern Health. As a clinical neurologist Prof Reutens specializes in epilepsy and is a senior staff specialist at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. Professor Reutens’s research involves the combination of imaging techniques to study functions such as memory in the healthy brain, the mechanisms behind diseases such as epilepsy and stroke and how the brain responds to overcome injury. Some of the research studies involve patients with injuries or genetic mutations that affect brain function, and these studies are able to provide privileged insights into how the brain works. He directs the Australian Mouse Brain Mapping Consortium. With his collaborators, he uses imaging to study animal models of disease. Members of his group are working on ways of improving imaging technology.

Courses and Programs taught by David Reutens