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Dr David A. McMeekin

Senior Academic – Computer and Spatial Sciences at Curtin University

About Me

David is a computer scientist with a PhD in Software Engineering looking at the human aspect of software development: how software developers think.

David has spent extensive time in the International community working with and directing NGOs within both the development and education sectors.

David has a vast array of lecturing experience in various areas, from Cross Cultural Communication, Software Engineering, Software Development, Programming in C, Java and Python, Business Information Systems, through to Spatial Data Processing and Computation.

David's current research interests include the delivery of spatial information through the use of semantic web technologies as well as the development of technology solutions to help facilitate the integration of people with Autism Spectrum into the work force.

Courses and Programs taught by Dr David A. McMeekin

1 course in a series
1 course in a series


Mobile App Development with Swift

Professional Certificate
3 courses