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Guy Yachdav

Lead Lecturer on Computer Science at Technische Universität München

Areas of expertise

  • - Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  • - Entrepreneurship

Major works

- a web server for presentation and visualization of aspects of protein structure and function
- a machine learning-based predictor for characters death in the popular HBO show Game of Thrones
- Tedx talk speaker

Social links

About Me

Guy Yachdav believes that data is the key to understanding and solving problems that affect every single aspect of our lives. Therefore he has a keen interest in beautiful data visualization and meaningful presentation. He has been involved in many JavaScript development projects with a focus on visualizing genomics data. Guy has a multidisciplinary academic background in the life sciences (PhD, Technical University of Munich, Germany), business (Executive MBA, Columbia Business School) and technology (BSc Computer Science, Columbia).

Courses and Programs taught by Guy Yachdav