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Michael Pittman

Department of Earth Sciences at The University of Hong Kong

Areas of expertise

  • Theropod dinosaurs and bird origins
  • Evolutionary biomechanics of vertebrates (how dinosaurs and other vertebrates move)
  • Laser-based fossil imaging that reveals hidden information

Major works

As part of Michael’s fieldwork projects with Prof. Xu Xing, they have discovered several important dinosaurs including the Velociraptor-relative Linheraptor _and the strange one-fingered dinosaur _Linhenykus. Pittman et al. 2013. Shake a tail feather: the evolution of the theropod tail into a stiff aerodynamic surface. PLOS ONE. Kaye, T.G., Falk, A.R., Pittman, M. et al. 2015. Laser stimulated fluorescence in paleontology. PLOS ONE.

About Me

Michael is a multi-disciplinary vertebrate palaeontologist. He leads HKU's Vertebrate Palaeontology Laboratory in the Department of Earth Sciences. He earned a BSc and MSc in geology at UCL and pursued a PhD there on ‘the evolution and biomechanics of dinosaurian tails’ completing in 2012.

Courses and Programs taught by Michael Pittman