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Dr. Talar Sahsuvaroglu

Sustainability and Environmental Expert at Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy

About Me

Dr. Talar Sahsuvaroglu is a Sustainability and Environmental Expert with the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy. Since starting her role in 2013, she has been managing the sustainability and environmental requirements of the stadiums being constructed for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™, as well as developing, preparing and implementing first the Host Country Sustainability Strategy and now the joint FIFA-SC-LOC Sustainability Strategy to meet the mission and vision of the tournament. Dr. Sahsuvaroglu’s expertise lies in environmental management, air quality, climate change and waste management, working previously as a consultant for the World Bank, governments and privately-funded projects. She was also a Lecturer at the University of Toronto, Canada. She received her PhD from McMaster University, where her research focused on the estimating variations in air pollution exposure and the consequent identification of health impacts. She has peer-reviewed publications, conference participation and moderation experience, and a strong belief in creating community development activities.

Courses and Programs taught by Dr. Talar Sahsuvaroglu


Sustainability & Major Sport Events

Professional Certificate
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