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Xuerun Li

Postdoctoral Researcher at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

Areas of expertise

  • XRD Rietveld analysis
  • Alite/clinker synthesis
  • Hydration study
  • SCMs reactivity test

Major works

[1] X. Li; Yu Zhang; Xiaodong Shen; Zhigang Pan. Kinetics of Calcium Sulphoaluminate Relating to Tricalcium Aluminate, Calcium Sulfate and Calcium Oxide. Cement and Concrete Research. 2014, 55(0): 79-87.
[2] X. Li; Hong Huang; Jie Xu; Suhua Ma; Xiaodong Shen. Statistical research on phase formation and modification of alite polymorphs in cement clinker with SO3 and MgO. Constr Build Mater 2012, 37 (0), 548-555.
[3] X. Li; Xiaodong Shen; Mingliang Tang and Xiaodong Li. Stability of tricalcium silicate and other primary phases in Portland cement clinker. Industrial and Engineering Chemical Research, 2014, 53(5): 1954-1964.
[4] X. Li; Wenlong Xu; Xiaodong Shen; Shaopeng Wang. Effect of SO3 and MgO on Portland cement clinker: formation of clinker phases and alite polymorphism. Constr Build Mater, 2014, 58(0): 182-192.
[5] X. Li, X. Shen, J. Xu, X. Li, S. Ma, Hydration properties of the alite–ye’elimite cement clinker synthesized by reformation, Constr Build Mater, 99 (2015) 254-259.

About Me

Dr. Xuerun LI received his PhD degree in Material Science from Nanjing Tech University in 2014 working on cement clinker and ye'elimite cement. He is now doing postdoc research at LMC of EPFL. His current research interests are XRD quantitative analysis (Rietveld method) applied in cementitious materials, alite synthesis and hydration study, and reactivity test for SCMs.

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