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Elsa Estrada

About Me

Elsa Estrada, PhD Student in IT at Smart Cities Innovation Center CUCEA UDG: is an undergraduate in Informatics, with a master’s degree in Information Systems from the Universidad de Guadalajara. She began her doctorate degree program in Information Technologies focused on Smart City models; these models will implement the analysis and visualizations of metrics to enable engaging people. Elsa is interested in studying data sources obtained from citizens, government, and private sector, for the decision-making process. She is also researching diverse data processing formats emerging from Big Data as repository of metrics information. Thus, she is designing a schema of Non-relational Database Models. Elsa has published scientific papers, being a member of IEEE since 2013. She was granted an IEEE scholarship for her thesis named “Metrics of Smart cities: Analysis and Visualization”; she is working at University of Guadalajara (campus CUCEA) Smart City Model Implementation Project, establishing key performance indicators.

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