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Eric Asaba

PhD, Occupational Therapist Associate Professor and Head Division of Occupational Therapy Department of Neurobiology, Care Science and Societ at KIx: Karolinska Institutet

About Me

I have worked with education at the undergraduate and masters level since 2000, and the doctoral level since 2006. At Karolinska Institutet, I am an elected member of the Pedagogic Academy and as of 2019 a faculty representative in the committee for education. In my research I primarily use qualitative and participatory approaches to study occupation and participation intersected with identity, disability, and culture. I received my Ph.D. in occupational science from University of Southern California (2005), M.S. in occupational therapy from Springfield College (1995), B.A. in psychology from Cornell College (1993), and certificate in public health from Harvard University (1999). In an attempt to balance work, rest, and play, I enjoy spending time with family as well as cycling, ceramics, traveling, and training Aikido.

Courses and Programs taught by Eric Asaba