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Felix Kienast

Lead Instructor & Adjunct Professor for Landscape Ecology ETHZ / WSL at ETH Zurich & WSL

About Me

Felix Kienast has been Adjunct Professor for Landscape Ecology at the Department of Environmental Sciences at ETH Zurich since March 2007. He holds a PhD in Geography from University of Zurich. In the 1980s he pioneered Landscape modeling research at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA. Since 1988 he has been conducting research at the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL on (a) GIS-assisted landscape models designed for simulating potential future landscape development and associated landscape services; (b) the interactions between humans and landscapes and (c) multidisciplinary landscape monitoring. Felix Kienast is actively involved in several e-learning activities. Felix Kienast relies on an extended international network of scientific connections due to the activities as President of the International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE) (2011-2015). He served in several Editorial Boards (Landscape Ecology, Environmental Management, GAIA, Geographica Helvetica). His publication record consists of more than 140 papers and communications in the field of Landscape Ecology. He is editor of the Springer Landscape Series Book No. 8 entitled “A Changing World – Challenges for Landscape Research”.

Courses and Programs taught by Felix Kienast

1 course