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Feng Wuzhong

Associate Professor 清华大学 马克思主义学院 副教授 at Tsinghua University’s School of Marxism

About Me

Feng Wuzhong is an associated professor at Tsinghua University’s School of Marxism. His research focuses on the value of social development in relation to societal development, social transformations, “reform and opening-up” within the context of values such as justice, freedom, harmony, and happiness. He also serves as Deputy Supervisor of teaching faculty.

Feng has made valuable research contributions for Tsinghua’s School of Marxims with publications such as research on “harmony between virtuality and reality in a network environment,” “development as happiness,” and “concepts of reform with justice values.” Feng has compiled two textbooks, two collected works, and published 30 academic papers. He has won numerous awards for his teaching techniques, such as the highest award for a young teacher at Tsinghua University in July 2013.

Courses and Programs taught by Feng Wuzhong