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Harry Bitter

Professor Biobased Chemistry and Technology at Wageningen University & Research

Areas of expertise

  • - Heterogeneous Catalysis
  • - Spectroscopy
  • - Biomass conversion

Major works

  • G. J. S. Dawes, E. L. Scott, J. Le Nôtre, J. P. M. Sanders and J. H. Bitter Deoxygenation of biobased molecules by decarboxylation and decarbonylation – a review on the role heterogeneous, homogeneous and bio-catalysis Green Chem., 17 (2015) 3231-3250
  • R.W. Gosselink, D.R. Stellwagen and J.H. Bitter
    Tungsten-Based Catalysts for Selective Deoxygenation
    Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Eng., 52(19) (2013) 5089-5092
  • T. van Haasterecht, C.C.I. Ludding, K.P. de Jong, J.H. Bitter
  • Toward stable nickel catalysts for aqueous phase reforming of biomass-derived feedstock under reducing and alkaline conditions

J.Catal., 319 (2014) 27-35.

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About Me

Harry Bitter is full professor at Wageningen University & Research. He chairs a group which focusses on the sustainable production of bulk chemicals and fuels from biomass by an integrated approach. The group motto is TIPTOP chemistry and technology: Turning variable InPut into Tailored OutPut, one of the great challenges in biomass conversion.

Courses and Programs taught by Harry Bitter

1 course


Chemistry and Technology for Sustainability

MicroMasters® Program
4 courses
4 courses


Economics and Policies for a Circular Bio-Economy

MicroMasters® Program
4 courses


Biobased Sciences for Sustainability

MicroMasters® Program
6 courses