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Jane Wortman

AP® Calculus BC Lead Instructor at

About Me

Jane Wortman taught Mathematics in the Beverly Hills Unified School District in Beverly Hills, California from 1976 - 2014. She started teaching AP® Calculus in 1989 and continued to teach it continually from 1996 until she retired from Beverly Hill High School in 2014. Jane has been attending AP® Calculus Reading since 2003 and has served as a Reader, Table Leader, Question Team Member and Question Leader. Beyond her full time teaching duties Jane served as the Mathematics Department Chair at Beverly Hills High School from 1995 - 2014. She was also an instructor for T^3, Teacher's Teaching With Technology, and taught workshops for teachers. Jane is a long time member of NCTM, MAA and CMC (California Mathematics Council) and has presented at many conferences.

Courses and Programs taught by Jane Wortman


AP® Calculus BC

1 course