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Jo Ann Moran Cruz

Associate Professor of History at Georgetown University

About Me

Jo Ann Moran Cruz is Associate Professor of History at Georgetown University. She has also served as Professor of History and Dean of Humanities and Natural Sciences at Loyola University, New Orleans. Professor Moran Cruz is a late medieval and Renaissance historian, publishing on education and literacy in late medieval England, the clergy in late medieval England, medieval and Renaissance social mobility, popular western views of Islam, the Roman de la Rose, and Dante. She is the author of a textbook on “Medieval Worlds” and has taught and published on E.M. Forster. At Georgetown, she co-developed the team-taught introductory course “The Age of Dante” for Medieval Studies. She has taught Dante at Georgetown’s Villa la Balze where she also conducted Dante tours of the city. In 2006 she published "Dante, Purgatorio II and the Jubilee of Boniface VIII" in Dante Studies; she has a forthcoming article “Dante’s Matelda: Queen and Mother,” also in Dante Studies. Professor Moran Cruz has been invited to give lectures on Dante on several occasions at The Catholic University of America and also at Marymount University. Her most current projects are a paper on Inferno XV and the relationship between Dante and Brunetto Latini as well as a book manuscript entitled A Question of Disobedience: Letters from an Elizabethan Family.

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