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Johannes den Heijer

Professor of Arabic Studies, Oriental Institute at Université catholique de Louvain

Areas of expertise

  • - Arabic historiography
  • - Copto-Arabic literature
  • - Arabic sociolinguistics, with a focus on Middle Arabic and Mixed Arabic

Major works

  • J. den Heijer, Mawhūb Ibn Manṣūr Ibn Mufarriǧ et l’historiographie copto-arabe. Étude sur la composition de l’_Histoire des Patriarches d’Alexandrie (Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium_, vol. 513 : Subsidia, tomus 81), Louvain, 1989.
  • J. den Heijer – A. Schmidt – T. Pataridze (eds), Scripts Beyond Borders. A Survey of Allographic Traditions in the Euro-Mediterranean World (Publications de l’Institut orientaliste de Louvain, 62), Louvain-la-Neuve: Institut Orientaliste / Peeters, 2014.
  • M.M. Shenoda – J. den Heijer – Y. Lev – M.N. Swanson (eds), Non-Muslim Communities in Fatimid Egypt (10th-12th centuries CE), Special issue, Medieval Encounters 21 (2015).

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About Me

Johannes den Heijer is Professor of Arabic Studies at the Oriental Institute of the University of Louvain (UCL), Belgium. His research and teaching activities concern Arabic historiography in general, Copto-Arabic literature, as well as on Arabic epigraphy, philology, dialectology and sociolinguistics. Amongst other subjects, he has published on the monumental Arabic inscriptions of the Fatimid period and on the historiographical corpus known as the History of the Patriarchs of Alexandria. In 2009, he has initiated the International Copto-Arabic Historiography Project (ICAHP), coordinated at the University of Louvain.

Courses and Programs taught by Johannes den Heijer