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Julius Gwyer

Program Officer in Financing for Development Unit at World Bank Group

About Me

Julius Gwyer is Program Officer in Financing for Development under the Office of the Managing Director and World Bank Group CFO, where he helps foster the development of new and innovative financial products and services to increase the mobilization of private and public financial resources. His recent engagements include with the global investor forum ahead of the G20 in Argentina, building partnerships with institutional investors and other large asset managers, and coordination with the UN’s Interagency Task for on Financing for Development. Previously he supported for the President's Special Envoy with leading the World Bank Group's international engagements on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their means of implementation. He has worked with World Economic Forum and was secretary to the high-level panel of experts reviewing Doing Business, as well as the World Bank Group’s Financing for Development committee. Previously he worked in the World Bank and IFC leadership teams on knowledge and learning; established the World Bank Group’s web governance model; led an online community of practice with 30,000 members on the topic of development effectiveness and conducted evaluations of the World Bank Group's strategies and programs in Poland, India, the Philippines, Nepal and Mexico. Prior to joining the Bank, he was an executive officer for the British government. He has authored numerous op-eds and articles. Mr. Gwyer earned his bachelor’s degree in economics and public administration at the University of London. He has an MBA in international business from the University of Glasgow and has taken executive education training at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Outside of work he is a keen photographer and world traveler.

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