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Kei Hirose

Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Tokyo Institute of Technology

Areas of expertise

  • High-pressure Physics
  • Deep Earth Science

Major works

Post-perovskite phase transition in MgSiO3. Motohiko Murakami, Kei Hirose, Katsuyuki Kawamura, Nagayoshi Sata, Yasuo Ohishi.
The structure of iron in Earth's inner core. Shigehiko Tateno, Kei Hirose, Yasuo Ohishi, Yoshiyuki Tatsumi.

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About Me

Kei Hirose is a Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences and the director of ELSI, "Earth-Life Science Institute" at Tokyo Institute of Technology. He has been working on ultra high-pressure experiments on deep Earth materials and discovered a primary mineral in the Earth’s lowermost mantle, in 2004.

Courses and Programs taught by Kei Hirose