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Konrad Malawski

M at ex Akka team

About Me

Konrad Malawski has been part of the the core Akka team at Lightbend until mid-2018, where he has contributed to most of its modules, including core Actors, Persistence, Streams, Clustering as well as the upcoming Typed modules. He was the main maintainer of Akka HTTP during its transition from Spray. He also participated in the Reactive Streams initiative, which eventually became part of Java 9, where he worked on the TCK and helped other implementations adhere to the spec. He founded multiple user groups including the GeeCON conference, Java and Scala user groups as well as computer science paper reading clubs such as SCKRK. He frequently shares his work and research in talks and workshops internationally. His interests range from high performance multi-threading all the way to wide-scale distributed systems. His work in community building and bridging the Scala and Java communities has been acknowledged by being named a Java Champion in 2017.

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