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Marnix Wagemaker

Associate Professor, Delft University of Technology at Delft University of Technology

About Me

Dr. Ir. Marnix Wagemaker is associated professor at the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the Delft University of Technology and head of the battery research group Storage of Electrochemical Energy (SEE). He completed his PhD at the same university and after a research visit to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) he returned to the Delft University of Technology.

Areas of expertises

  • Li-ion, Na-ion, Li-S, Li-air, aqueous and solid state batteries.
  • Thermodynamics and electrochemistry of batteries.
  • Experimental and theoretical research next generation batteries.

Courses and Programs taught by Marnix Wagemaker

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Electric Cars

Professional Certificate
4 courses