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Michael J. Mahometa

Lecturer and Senior Statistical Consultant at University of Texas at Austin

Areas of expertise

  • Statistical consulting
  • Regression analysis
  • Statistical Education

Major works

Joan E. Hughes, Michelle F. Read, Sara Jones & Michael Mahometa (2015) Predicting Middle School Students' Use of Web 2.0 Technologies Out of School Using Home and School Technological Variables, Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 47:4, 211-228 Stephens, K. K., Barrett, A. K. and Mahometa, M. J. (2013), Organizational Communication in Emergencies: Using Multiple Channels and Sources to Combat Noise and Capture Attention. Human Communication Research, 39: 230–251

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About Me

Michael received his Ph.D. in Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin in 2006. His major course work was completed in Behavioral Neuroscience, with a minor in Statistics. It was during that time he realized he have a love of answering questions using the statistical techniques he was learning. He also realized that he very much enjoyed teaching. After graduating he quickly turned his passion for both teaching and statistics into a position as a Statistical Consultant for The University of Texas. Since that time he’s helped develop new statistics courses to take advantage of new teaching techniques, he’s helped graduate students with their research questions, and he’s helped undergraduate students learn this amazing tool called data analysis.

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