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Nader Khammassi

Researcher, QuTech at Delft University of Technology

About Me

Nader Khammassi is a researcher at QuTech, Delft University of Technology. He obtained his Electrical Engineering degree from the National School of Engineering in Brest (ENIB) in France, and he received his PhD cum laude in 2014 for his research on High Performance Computing for Multicore Architectures at the National Engineering School of Advanced Technology (ENSTA) in Brittany, France. He worked as a research engineer at Thales Airborne Systems on high performance signal processing applications. In 2015, he joined QuTech. His work included the design of the QX quantum computer simulator and the design the OpenQL quantum programming framework. He is currently investigating different layers of a scalable quantum computer architecture for different qubit technologies, namely superconducting and semi-conducting qubits being developed at QuTech in collaboration with Intel.

Courses and Programs taught by Nader Khammassi

2 courses