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Pearl Rock Kane

About Me

Pearl Rock Kane, a professor of education at Teachers College, Columbia University, holds the Klingenstein Family Chair for the Advancement of Independent School Education. She holds a master of arts degree from Smith College and a doctorate from Teachers College. Professor Kane serves as the director of the Klingenstein Center and is the advisor for the master's degree programs.

Professor Kane taught and served as an administrator in public and private schools in Michigan, Massachusetts and New York. She currently serves on the board of Uncommon Schools, a charter management organization. She is a founding trustee of Brooklyn Prospect Charter School in Brooklyn, NY.

Professor Kane is the recipient of a number of honors and awards including the 2009 National Association of Principals for Schools for Girls Outstanding Achievement Award, and the European Council of International Schools 2008 Award for Exemplary Contribution and Outstanding Service to Promotion of International Education.

She is editor of The First Year of Teaching: Real World Stories by America's Teachers, Independent Schools, Independent Thinkers and The Colors of Excellence: Hiring and Keeping Teachers of Color in Independent Schools. She has published numerous articles on issues of leadership, diversity, governance, and the attraction and retention of teachers. Her current areas of research focus on privatization, charter schools, and independent and international school leadership and governance.

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