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Piotr Indyk

Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT

About Me

Professor in the Theory of Computation Group. His research focuses primarily on computational geometry in high dimensions, streaming algorithms, and computational learning theory. He has made a range of contributions to these fields, particularly in the study of low-distortion embedding, algorithmic coding theory, and geometric and combinatorial pattern matching. Among his many awards, in 2012 Indyk received Technology Review’s: “10 Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World” award for work on Faster Fourier Transform. He is a member of [email protected] and Big [email protected] research initiatives.

Piotr Indyk是计算理论组内的一名教授。 他的研究主要集中于 高维的 计算几何、 {流算法和计算学习理论。。 他对这些领域做出了一系列的贡献,特别是在低失真嵌入、算法编码理论、几何和组合模式匹配的研究中。 在他的获得众多奖项中,2012年Indyk荣获{i“技术评论”的i}: "十项将改变改变世界的新兴科技"奖项,以表彰他在快速傅立叶变换上的工作。 他是 [email protected] 和 Big [email protected] 研究项目的成员。

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