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Ronen Tal-Botzer

Director of the Genomics and Biomedical Informatics Program, Bar-Ilan University at IsraelX

About Me

Ronen Tal-Botzer is a tech entrepreneur, the founder and chairman of a successful Artificial Intelligence enterprise. His fields of expertise include Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Genomics, and Digital Health. For the past 18 years, Ronen has been a lecturer in various computer science courses at Bar-Ilan University. Ronen graduated Summa Cum Laude with a double major B.Sc. degree in Computer Science and Biology, and subsequently pursued a direct Ph.D. in medical data mining, where he was the recipient of the President’s scholarship and Chancellor's Prize for excellence in research. Dr. Tal-Botzer is a sought-after lecturer and public speaker on the cutting-edge technologies in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and medicine.

Courses and Programs taught by Ronen Tal-Botzer