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Computer scientist specializing in database management systems. He is the faculty director of MIT’s Big Data Initiative at CSAIL and co-director of the Intel Science and Technology Center (ISTC) in Big Data at CSAIL. Recent projects include CarTel, a distributed wireless platform that monitors traffic and onboard diagnostic conditions in order to generate road surface reports, and Relational Cloud, a project investigating research issues in building a database as a service. In 2005, Madden was named one of Technology Review magazine’s “Top 35 Under 35.” He is also cofounder of Vertica (acquired by HP).

At CSAIL, we think of Big Data as a big opportunity to develop the next generation of technologies to store, manage, analyze, share, and understand the huge quantities of data we are now more »

Madden是一名计算机科学家,专攻数据库管理系统。 他是MIT的大数据计划在CSAIL的教师主任以及英特尔科学与技术中心(ISTC) 在CSAIL大数据的联合主任 。 最近的项目包括 CarTel,一个分布式无线平台,监控交通和车载诊断条件来生成路面报告,以及_Relational Cloud_,一个调查建立数据库作为服务中的研究问题的项目。 在2005年,Madden被评为 {i技术评论i} 杂志的“35岁以下最优秀的35个人”之一。 他也是Vertica(被惠普收购)的创始人之一。


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