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Soren Eberhardt

Instructor at University of Washington

Areas of expertise

  • Localization
  • Internationalization

About Me

Soren Eberhardt is a global site manager working on localization and marketization of Microsoft’s Office 365 direct sales pages. He has worked in the field of internationalization and localization for the last 20 years, both on the vendor side and client side. He's held roles as translator, localization engineer and project and program manager over the years. While at Microsoft, Eberhardt has worked on the localization of Windows and Office, as well as Skype products. In addition, he has taught localization classes at the University of Washington and classes on computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools at New York University. He has published several e-books on languages. The Inuktitut language has the fewest speakers for whom Eberhardt has ever localized a product.

Courses and Programs taught by Soren Eberhardt


Internationalization and Localization

Professional Certificate
3 courses