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Tanya Dove

Instructor at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Areas of expertise

  • Fashion Design
  • Pattern Cutting
  • Fit Technologist
  • Sewing

Major works

• Dove, T (2018). Improving Pattern Design for Women’s Upper Body Clothing. ETT2018. 8th International Istanbul Conference on Evolution Technical Textiles. 14-16 April 2018. Conference proceedings. ISBN No: 978-975-400-414-4 31 July 2018. pp29-34. • Dove, T (2017) Women’s Clothing Choices are Being Inhibited by Poor Fit In: RS Goonetilleke., W Karwowski (Ed). Advances in Physical Ergonomics and Human Factors. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. Vol 602. pp.345-357. • Dove, T (2016). Stretch to fit, made to fit. Journal of Fashion Design Technology and Education. Taylor and Francis. Vol 9, pp.115-126. • Dove, T, (2014). A Technical Foundation - Menswear Pattern Cutting. London: Austin Macauley, London. • Dove, T, (2013). A Technical Foundation – Women’s Wear Pattern Cutting. London: Austin Macauley, London. • Dove, T, (2013). Concept to Creation: The Design Process. London: Austin Macauley, London.

About Me

I have 22 years’ experience in the fashion industry, working ten years in the fashion industry, through to twelve years in education, including setting up my own fashion label, and a lingerie fashion label for a European brand. I am a dedicated, passionate fashion designer, and a continuous learner. I am always exploring new ideas and developments in my field. I have worked in education since 2006, as a teacher, and department manager, and have been heavily involved in curriculum development. My passion is the art of creation, pattern cutting in a made to measure perspective, always looking at ways to improve the way clothes are made and fit our three-dimensional bodies. I do not buy clothes, I make them. Teaching garment construction for over a decade I published three textbooks, first in 2012. Women’s Wear Pattern Cutting, Menswear Pattern Cutting and Concept to Creation, The Design Process. In 2017 I began a part time PhD Research degree in the UK, having outlined a research area, which could have significant impact in the global fashion industry. My research is developing a technical methodology to improve the way women’s clothes are made. From a pattern cutting perspective, I am creating an Optimised Sizing System which will enhance clothing sizes and create garments which fit women’s body shape and curves.

Courses and Programs taught by Tanya Dove

1 course in a series
1 course in a series


Fashion Design and Creation

Professional Certificate
2 courses