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Thomas Lans

Assistant Professor of Education and Competence Studies at Wageningen University & Research

Areas of expertise

  • - Entrepreneurial learning
  • - Entrepreneurial education
  • - Competence development of entrepreneurs
  • - Sustainable entrepreneurship

Major works

  • Lans, T., Blok, V., & Wesselink, R. (2014). Learning apart and together: towards an integrated competence framework for sustainable entrepreneurship in higher education. Journal of Cleaner Production, 62(0), 37-47
  • Lans, T., Blok, V., & Gulikers, J. (2015). Show me your network and I'll tell you who you are: social competence and social capital of early-stage entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, 27(7-8), 458-473.

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About Me

Thomas is Assistant Professor of Education and Competence Studies, Wageningen University and coordinator of the master track entrepreneurship of Wageningen University. He received his Ph.D. in Entrepreneurial Competence from Wageningen University in 2006.

Courses and Programs taught by Thomas Lans

1 course