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Wim Soetaert

Professor of Industrial Biotechnology and Microbiology at Ghent University

About Me

"Prof. dr. ir. Wim Soetaert, is an industrial biotechnology and biorefining specialist, who spent 13 years in the carbohydrate processing industry as a research director in Germany and France, for the sugar group Pfeifer & Langen and the wheat processing company Chamtor, before joining UGent as a full professor. He has been active at in the field of industrial biotechnology and downstream processing, specifically in the field of biosynthesis of specialty carbohydrate and biosurfactants. He has coordinated several (inter)national research projects on these subjects, focusing on strain engineering, process development and scale-up. He has a strong industrial drive and aims to take the necessary actions to bring new and promising technologies to the market. Lecturing the courses “Microbiology”, “Industrial biotechnology” and “Industrial fermentation processes and downstream processing” at Ghent University, he tries to inspire his students on the potential and importance of white biotechnology. Prof. Soetaert is the founder of, founder and director of the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, an open innovation pilot plant for the development of biobased products. He is also the founder of Flanders Biobased Valley, a networking organization for the biobased economy in Flanders. He is a founder and executive chairman of Inbiose NV, a Ghent University spin-off company active in the field of specialty carbohydrate synthesis. "

Courses and Programs taught by Wim Soetaert

1 course