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Xiaoning Wang

Associate Professor, School of Humanities at Tsinghua University

About Me

Wang Xiaoning received her M.A. in Modern Chinese at Beijing Normal University in 1991 and M.Phil. in Politics at Hong Kong Baptist University in 1998. She is currently an associate professor teaching and conducting research on Chinese as a second Language in the School of Humanities, Tsinghua University. Since 1991, she has given various Chinese courses including Listening, Conversation, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Chinese Characters and HSK Intensive Preparation to international Chinese learners, undergraduates, postgraduates and taught in exchange programs in Japan, South Korea and the United Kingdom. She has published over 30 Chinese textbooks such as Experiencing Chinese, Chinese Sentence Patterns, My First Chinese Book, Theme-based Dictionary for Composition Writing, Theme-based Dictionary for Sentence Building, Chinese Idiom for HSK, and HSK Training Skill for Listening. In this course, she will guide you into the world of interesting Chinese characters.

Courses and Programs taught by Xiaoning Wang