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Ying Xiao

About Me

Ying Xiao, born in Weiyuan, Sichuan in 1962, PhD in Philosophy from Peking University, is now professor and doctoral supervisor with the Department of Philosophy, Tsinghua University; research fellow with the Peking University Research Center for Aesthetics and Aesthetic Education and with the Peking University Institute for Cultural Industries. His published works and dissertations include: To Say or Not to Say?—A Collection of Literary Criticism by Xiao Ying (2014), the Ming Dynasty Volume of History of Chinese Aesthetics (2014), “The Universe Is One Finger”: A Collection of Papers on Cultural Criticism (2012), A Guide to Chinese and Western Art (2005), Aesthetics and Artistic Appreciation (2004), The True and the Infinite (2002), and Image and Survival (1996).

肖鹰,1962年生,四川威远人。毕业于北京大学,哲学博士。现任清华大学哲学系教授,博士生导师;北京大学美学与美育研究中心研究员,北京大学文化产业研究院研究员。已出版论著:《说与不说――肖鹰文学批评集》( 2014 ),《中国美学史•明代卷》,(2014),《天地一指――文化批评文集》(2012),《中西艺术导论》(2005),《美学与艺术欣赏》(2004),《真实与无限》(2002),《形象与生存》(1996)

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