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Learn from world-renowned radiologists and cardiologists

Professional Certificate in
Advanced Cardiac Imaging

What you will learn

  • Role of cardiac CT and cardiac MRI in the assessment of cardiac disease.
  • Understand and describe the process of cardiac CT and cardiac MRI image acquisition.
  • Able to perform basic interpretation and identification of disease as seen on cardiac CT and cardiac MRI.
  • State the future developments in the field of cardiac MRI and CT.
Expert instruction
2 skill-building courses
Progress at your own speed
2 months
2 - 3 hours per week
Discounted price: $268.20
Pre-discounted price: $298USD
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Courses in this program

  1. HKUx's Advanced Cardiac Imaging Professional Certificate

Meet your instructors
from The University of Hong Kong (HKUx)

Dr. Ming-Yen Ng
Dr. Varut Vince Vardhanabhuti
Guest speaker: Dr. Suhny Abbara
Guest speaker:  Dr. Ed Nicol
Guest speaker: Dr. Shihua Zhao
Guest speaker: Dr. Elsie Nguyen
Guest speaker: Dr. Mini Pakkal
Guest speaker:  Dr. Jonathan Weir-McCall
Guest speaker: Dr. Chiara Bucciarelli-Ducci
Guest speaker: Dr. Carmen WS Chan
Guest speaker: Dr. Charles Hing-Chiu Chang
Guest speaker: Dr. Stephen Chi-Wai Cheung
Guest speaker: Dr. Kenneth KY Cheung
Guest speaker: Dr. Calvin Woon-Loong Chin
Guest speaker: Dr. Vanessa M. Ferreira
Guest speaker: Prof. Dudley Pennell
Guest speaker: Prof. Steffen E. Petersen
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Discounted price: $268.20
Pre-discounted price: $298USD
2 courses in 2 months
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